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Amateur machining in the home workshop

I like looking at the home shop machinist sites on the net. Here is my contribution. Hope you enjoy it.
I never seem to finish things, so there is a lot of 'work in progress'. I will add bits and pieces as I get time.

Combined machine - Warco WMT 300/2 Clarkson Tool and Cutter Grinder (Mark1,Mark2,Mark3) Perfecto Shaper Other Stuff
Lathe - Carriage locks Clarkson Literature Shaper - State of Perfecto when bought Workshop - Views
Lathe - Cross drilling fixture Clarkson Machine Specifications Perfecto Lathes, Drills, Grinders etc Links
Lathe - Vfd, motor etc Clarkson tooling, data, machine fittings Shaper - Views of the Perfecto Workshop - Floor loading calculations
Lathe - Minor mods Clarkson Attachments - RGA, DPTLGA, ABFGA, CSGA, Dust Extraction, Vice Shaper - Perfecto table tidy up Homemade tools etc
Lathe - vices, milling table, tooling Clarkson plans, drawings, dimensions, colours Shaper - Perfecto owners Misc things
Lathe - a brief look at the Rack Drive Clarkson related information Shaper - Perfecto information, literature, and pictures Bench Drill Mods
Lathe - the faulty dog clutch Homemade parts, modifications, set ups, by Clarkson owners   Simple Oscillating Steam Engine
Refurbishments and Repairs, by Clarkson owners   Numatic NVD750 Dust Extractor
Mill - Quill lock damage and test repair Clarkson - Video links   Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine
Mill - Quill nose plate Clarkson Mark1 repair   Ikea Workshop Trolley
Mill - Quill depth stop Clarkson Mark1 Spindle Bearings   Peugeot 306
Mill - Dti mount Clarkson Mark1 Swivel mount for Universal Head  
Mill - Removing the quill Clarkson Mark1 Motor Mounting - 1 phase   Clarke Bandsaw Mods - CBS45MD
  Clarkson Mark1 Motor Mounting - 3 phase  
  Clarkson - Relieving End Teeth - End Mill (page 16)   Myford ML7 - Chuck Guard
  Clarkson - Making Bushes   Myford ML7 - Carriage Lock
  Clarkson Mark2 page 1 (oldest)   Myford ML7 - Carriage Stop
  Clarkson Mark2 page 2 (latest)   Myford ML7 - Cross Slide Bearing upgrade
  Clarkson Mark3   Myford ML7 - Miscellaneous
  Clarkson Spare Parts   Myford ML7 - Quick Change Tool Post - QCTP
  Clarkson Nameplates, Dates, Serial Numbers   Myford ML7 - Oilers
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 1 start   Myford ML7 - Top-slide Lock and Gib-Strip Pin
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 2 2009  
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 3 2010   SIEG SX3.5DZP - Moving In
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 4 2011   SIEG SX3.5DZP - Quill Lock
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 5 2012   SIEG SX3.5DZP - Drawbar Tooling Self Ejection
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 6 2013   SIEG SX3.5DZP - Versatile Milling Vice - Vice Stop
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 7 2014  
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 8 2015   AFS-500 Air Filtration System
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 9 2016  
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 10 2017  
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 11 2018  
  Clarkson Mark1 photo gallery 12 2019   Some Programming Notes
      Coronavirus, Covid-19, Death Register data 2020

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Last Update : 30th August 2020

Site started : 24th October 2009

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Thanks for looking. Steven Vine : microstoc at hotmail com


The massive rises in the number of deaths are no longer occurring.
It remains to be seen what the figures will look like once the population starts to 'socialise' in great numbers again.

Some figures I have gathered ... CLICK HERE
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